Japanese Bento Culture

Bento means box lunch in Japanese. Like sushi and sake, it has come to be listed in many English dictionaries. However, not many people outside of Japan know the origins of bento or how many different types of bento there are.

Believe it or not, bento is a big part of traditional Japanese culture, and it has evolved greatly over the centuries. Adapting to the times, it has undergone innovative progress in design, experience, function and usage. Let's take a look at Bento's past and present.

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Seven Reasons Why Japanese Now

Japan has great foundation of innovations in technologies and ideas
Just like the new technology showing left, Japan has always been the leader of new technology in many areas. Compact Disc, VHS, Felica, internet-available mobile phone, portable music player "Walkman," car navigation system, hybrid cars, bullet train, manga and anime, iPS cell and plant factory, and you name it. Although Japan may have used to copy the western world slavishly, now the world cannot be run properly without Japan's innovation. If you understand Japanese and have an access to those advansed research facilities, your life in future will be different from the other future you may have without knowing Japanese. Once you understand Japanese language good enough, soon you can be a part of Japnese innovation world. Think about it.

Japan is the home of great funs
If you are a big fan of Japanese anime, you know Japan has been and will be the home of "anime" such as ONE PIECE, Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker), Doraemon, NARUTO, and lots of Studio Ghibli. Not just fancy "anime"items, Japan has been produced many cultural assets such as the Tale of Genji, the Book of Five Rings, Hagakure, Kurosawa movies, Seiji Ozawa, Ukiyo-e, and you name it. Unfortunately, there are many more non-translated and non-intoduced Japanese fun staff. Once your Japanese becomes good enough to understand them, your entertainment life will have no baundaries to extreme funs.

Japan is the richest country in the world
Japan's external debt is more than $3.42 trillion but its foreign asset balance is more than $5.82 trillion. Therefore, Japan owns net assets of about $2.4 trillion (as of 2011). Also, while the net assets of the United States government is $2.5 trillion, the total assets of the Japanese government is around $4.7 trillion. Think about this. If you can speak good Japanese and have a good chance to utilize your Japanese capability, you can do many great things by bridging the two worlds, can't you?

Japanese household economy is also the richest in the world
The county with the largest total household assets including stocks and bonds is the United States. However, if we say assets to limit to cash and money in saving accounts, the country with the larget cash and savings balance is Japan, own more than $8 trillion. It means you can access to $8 trillion market if you understand Japan and Japanese. If you have good product for Japan, you can get all!

You can raise your children without paying any medical bills in Japan
Japan has had a universal health insurance system since 1961. It means whoever you are, if you live and have a job in Japan, you will automatically join to a health insurance. Although advanced medical care won't be covered, most daily medical cares are covered and you just pay 15 to 20% everytime. And all medeical spendings for children under 15 years old (some cities under 18) will be FREE. That's great, isn't it? However, you need to speak Japanese to get a job in Japan.

Extremely low crime rate
With its 120-million relatively wealthy citizens, extraordinarily low crime rate and fascinating, culture-soaked society, Japan might be a very difficult place for you to understand. Crime rate, meaning the rate indicating how many people among 100 people in society may encounter crime in one year, is 1.239 in Japan, while the US is 3.346 and 7.253 in Germany. Moreover, the arrest rate of 52.4% in Japan was higher than those in the United States and the United Kingdom. If you look at the arrest rate of heavy crime, it is much higher than the average, 97.9%. It is much safer than living in your own country and study. A choice to study Japanese in Japan is not a great investment of your time, but rather a safe an high return investment for your life, we must say.

Practical and safe way to meet the east
Top 5 international students in Japan are from China (87,533), South Korea (17,640), Taiwan (4,571), Vietnam (4,033) and Malaysia (2,417), and many other Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mongolia, and Myanmar have sent many students to Japan (as of 2011). It will take decades to go to those countries individually to make friends but you can make friends from all over the Asia if you go to Japan to study Japanese and anything else. Air is clean (even in Tokyo) and streets are safe in Japan, and you can meet many Asians in Japan on campus and other social events held. And it would be easier to make friends if you have something in common, "studying Japanese." Please find your Asian lifelong friends in Japan.

Study Japanese in Japan

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Now is the good time.

Why do you want to speak Japanese? Is that because you got a Japanese girl friend or boy friend? Or, do you want to know more on anime things? You may want to communicate with Japanese boss or subordinates much more closely? You may want to read Japanese books or blogs? BTW, Japanese is the language used most in the blogs in the world. Did you know that? It means the most modern age wisdom are written in Japanese. That could be a good reason to start studying Japanese.

Well whatever the reason is, since Japanese is the language that shares nothing in common with English, you need an intensive cource to get started. Not like Latin or Spanish, just reading a how-to is not enough. Some high schools or elementary, maybe, teach some elementary Japanese, so you might have already got started, but if you want to make it improved to higher levels, like reading financial articles or blog entries, you need a higher level education in Japanese.

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